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An outdoor living space opens up a world of design possibilities, especially in sun-loving Canada. As your design takes shape, you arrive at your "patio" - an area that can take on various forms. Your patio space can either be an extension of your indoor area, seamlessly attached to your home or business, or it can be a distinct entity, carving out its own space on your property and creating a fresh outdoor living environment for your friends, family, or patrons. A patio pergola is a structure that not only provides protection from the elements but also adds a unique and distinctive aesthetic to your outdoor living space. Typically, a patio pergola is a stationary structure that may incorporate fabric elements for elemental protection, serving as a captivating addition to your outdoor space.

When it comes to installation, our aluminum louvered pergolas can be securely anchored to an existing concrete patio, or we can create the anchor points ourselves, ensuring enhanced structural integrity. Additionally, our pergola system incorporates a built-in trough system that efficiently directs rainwater to the designated outlets, keeping you dry even during rainfall. Furthermore, our aluminum louvered pergola system allows for add-ons such as privacy screens, insect mesh, and seamless integration of audiovisual components.

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