EOL Pergola


Stay flexible in response to unpredictable Canadian weather!

Rain Protection

Experience the ultimate protection against harmful UV rays and inclement weather conditions with the innovative design of our aluminum louvred pergola.


Control the airflow in your space effortlessly by adjusting the louvers, allowing for optimal ventilation. Keep heat at bay while offering shade to you, your loved ones, and friends.


Adjust the sunlight entering your outdoor area as desired. Embrace your space even during low-light hours by opening the louvers.


Looking for A+ Aluminum Pergola?


Experience the allure of our European-inspired aluminum pergolas. Enhancing your property’s value, these pergolas boast a unique aesthetic that captures attention and sparks conversations.Whether attached or freestanding, our aluminum louvred pergolas create a dedicated outdoor living space for you, your loved ones, or your patrons. Expand the functionality of your backyard patio or accommodate more customers at your business. Custom-built to suit your preferences, our pergola system offers add-ons like heating, lighting, privacy shades, insect screens, and outdoor audiovisual integration.

Transforming your vision into reality is our expertise. Our dedicated team is with you throughout the entire installation process, ensuring your utmost satisfaction with the final outcome. Through detailed 3D models, we guide you in visualizing the end result, allowing for better planning of the surrounding area and the preservation of your desired aesthetic.

Maximize the utilization of your outdoor living area with our aluminum louvered pergola. Experience the versatility and practicality that our system provides. Envision a contemporary and distinctive structure that enhances your space, ensuring long-lasting value for your home or business. We take pride in offering a Canadian-manufactured product to the GTA. Moreover, our prices are 25% lower compared to local competitors who offer similar products manufactured and shipped from the U.S.A.

Count on our experienced team to address any inquiries or provide information about our custom aluminum louvred pergola systems for your outdoor living space.Contact us today to create a valuable structure for your home or business. We take pride in offering products manufactured in Canada!


Tailored For Outdoor Living

The standard sizes for the product are 10*10,10*12 and 12*12 feet, while other sizes and colors can be customized.

Simple Style
EU Style
EU Luxury Style


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